All In The Details – Ajoto Writing Instruments



The guys at AJOTO have created a brand that exudes uniqueness and craftsmanship. Starting from a simple pen and working on the premise of delivering a product that is expertly made with individual detailing, AJOTO offers something that is both functional and fashionable. Minimalist in styling – the detail of each writing instrument can be found on the inside – From the polished brass components to the etched ink refills, the guys have left nothing to chance.

A key, I believe, to the brand’s success is its focus on UK manufacturing and organic growth. These combined provide a business model that is adaptable but also extremely marketable. Consumers, especially of pieces like this, want to know the full-story of a product. The story at AJOTO is something that is intriguing and captivating. From the raw materials that are used for each piece to the hallmarking process that each pen receives.

The pens are currently only available through the AJOTO website but the guys behind the brand are looking to expand into wholesale as and when viable. The aim isn’t to be stocked in every store in every country. The aim is to retain the characteristics that make this brand unique whilst offering greater availability to the writing aficionado.